Oschadbank is saying «Goodbye, USSR» by implementing game-changing technologies

Oschadbank, the biggest state-owned bank in Ukraine, is becoming a modern bank, focusing on implementation of full range of new technologies aimed to maximize accessibility of banking services and usage convenience, the bank representative told Roomian.org today.

«Oschadbank is breaking stereotypes. We are no more an old-school savings bank used only for utility payments, but a progressive universal bank with 100% state guarantee of deposits and the biggest branch network all over the country. Service level, service standards, operation speed – all of those changes significantly, meeting the needs of the modern active customer and modern challenges», – says Oschadbank CEO Andrij Pyshnyy.

Changes have taken place in several directions. First of all, Oschadbank is creating a background for more active usage of direct banking capabilities: online and mobile banking «Oschad 24/7». Development of direct banking services is changing the quality of services significantly, enabling the bank to attract new segment of banking audience – customers with active living position, maintaining high pace of life. As of today, internet and mobile banking are used by 250 thousands of clients with average monthly growth by 20 thousands.

Secondly, Oschadbank is developing a network of self-payment terminals, so-called «kiosks», to enable its customers to pay utility bills, top-up mobile phone accounts, transfer funds and so on. There are 1000 kiosks operating today. Bank is planning double increase of its number till the end of the year. Both kiosks and ATMs are servicing cards of other Ukrainian banks.

Thirdly, Oschadbank is starting the process of branch modernization. Updated bank offices are equipped in newly manner to simplify the clients servicing: large premises, more cash desks, dedicated managers and consultants. It’s planned to open 100 new format branches till the end of the year. And next year the bank plans to open one new branch each week.

Alongside with these changes, Oschadbank is introducing new ideology and new vision of state banking development. Across the Globe, the state-owned banks play the key role in the country’s financial systems and appear to be the largest investors in the national economies.

Oschadbank is saying «Goodbye, USSR» by implementing game-changing technologies
Oschadbank reclaims Ukraine’s government-owned banking experience.